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We want to share our experience with you and give you good advice before your big day! :)

We hope they will benefit you.


We want to share our thoughts on the wedding vow.  

It is often the case that our mates do not make a more personal vow during the ceremony (s) or before dinner. A common cause of this is lamp fever, and in this case, we tend to suggest you write a love letter that you read to each other on your wedding day. There are several possibilities in this regard. 
[The vow is not to be confused with the oath or temple oath. With the civil / marriage declaration]
The first option is to record the speeches in the most discreet way possible, preferably away from the wedding crowd, so as not to disturb these intimate moments.

For more sensitive couples, we recommend that you read the letters while standing back to back. Depending on the schedule, this can happen during / after the preparation, during the first look, after the ceremony or even after dinner. And if you want to surprise these romantic lines, we can record the speeches separately.  

The length of the letter is left to you, but in general it is min. 1, max. It usually takes 5 minutes per person. This means that a total of approx. Allow 10 minutes on the wedding day.  

But why is a vow such an important and good thing?  

On the one hand, it will be a beautiful memory for you, and it will be a heartwarming feeling to listen back to the thoughts swirling in you for years to come. On the other hand, the wedding film is based on these speeches and throws an enormous amount on the end result.  


What should the vow contain?  

This is also entirely up to you and your creativity. It may be tearfully sentimental, but you can also take the character for fun. The point is to come from the heart. You could recall a beautiful shared memory, tell what you liked about the other, how you got to know each other and how. how you loved each other. In addition, the most important thing is that the vow contains a vow, so one or two promises for the future! :) But if you can express your feelings better with a poem, it will be perfect too!  

Additional tips (based on cases)  

-Don't forget the letter at home!  

-If you only make a note in the form of a speech rather than a letter, write the sketch on paper, not on your phone.  

-In addition to you, a person's video presence will suffice when recording the vow.  

-Don't leave it to the last minute!  

-Don't stress over it in any way. This is optional, only write a letter / speech if you both like it.  ​

Thank you for reading and let me know if a decision has been made :)  


With love,  


Juli & Sasa 

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